Your best friend deserves the best.

Your best friend deserves the best.

THE CAVLIFE & CO. - Premium sprat reward snack for dogs 100 g
This mouth-watering and healthy sprat small fish has been caught from the North Sea by wild and sustainable fishing, with a non-threatened conservation status, stable population and compliance with fishing standards, ensuring that our product does not endanger the local sprat population.

There are few reward walls for dogs that are as healthy as fish. It is high in easy-to-digest, high-quality protein and Omega-3 helps improve heart, eye, brain, skin and joint health.


It caught sprats 100% wild and sustainably

Analytical components:
protein 78%, crude ash: 12%, crude fat: 4.6%, moisture: 6%, crude fiber: 0.8%,

We suggest:

️ for small dogs
️ for medium-sized dogs
️ for large dogs

Always provide enough fresh water. Store in a dry place, protected from sunlight.
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